26 February

Garage Kimono Shrug
Urban Outfitters Embroidered Skirt (similar)
Zara Nude Strappy Sandals (similar)
Kate Spade Shoulder Bag (similar)
Pacsun Gold Chain Triangle Diamonds (similar)

Hi friends! I finally caught a day of warm weather after the huge snow storm last week. But first I want to apologize I couldn't find the exact link to the items that I'm wearing mostly because they are sold out :( but I've included links to similar finds-- hope that helps! I know I promised on my previous post to wear my other new Shoedazzle booties but warmer weather permits me to wear sandal heels instead!

About the outfit:
I bought this cute little bustier from Garage just a while ago (yes in the midst of Winter) and I've been wanting to wear it with my circle skirt for the longest time! I really wish I could find the link to where I bought the skirt from (Urban Outfitters for sure) because I love the royal embroidered details on it. Regular black skirt just won't do this outfit justice. If you know me, I love my gold chains and gold accessories-- the one I'm wearing here from Pacsun has triangle diamonds attached to it and it's my favorite necklace out of the three gold chains that I own (ID tag, chunky gold and this one)! It's so bold yet feminine, I will never get sick of wearing it :) I also recommend every girl to get a pair of nude sandal heels. My grandpa bought these ones from Zara when we were in Shanghai last summer-- it's a little pricey but totally worth every penny. To finish off, complete this girly look with a simple and classy metallic shoulder bag. *Trying on a new lipstick color this week from Maybelline! Pinks are definitely more in now than red or orange. It surprises me how well it goes with my usual makeup. I'm leaning towards a lighter pink (the one I'm wearing is coral) atm but I'm gonna explore and try deeper colors! :) Now I really can't wait for real Spring~*

Makeup that I'm wearing:
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick 870 Shocking Coral

*Thanks to AMEX Graphics and Photography for the lovely photos!*

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