03 November

Authentic Military Camouflage Jacket (similar) | Harajuku Lover's Ready Steady Love T-Shirt (similar) | 
American Apparel Knee High | Garage Retro High-Waisted White Shorts (similar)
Jeffrey Campbell Lita Booties | OBEY City Snapback Hat

Hey guys! Here's a brand new look to start off November-- I've always wanted to try out snapback hats and I couldn't help but notice this fresh brand: obey clothing -- has the perfect snapback along with other hip clothing :) I chose the forest/gold color instead of the original black/red one -- it wasn't standing out much since the hair color on the very top of my head is very dark. I think hats are actually really fun to wear and they bring attention to your outfit (try it out girls!!!). 
Also, I'm putting on my JC Lita's again. It's been a while since I wore them mainly because I wasn't used to the 5.5+ inch platform heels when I first got them-- but since I've been walking in heels practically everyday to work (for the past 3 months) I've trained myself to walk in heels with any height! JC is such a revolutionary brand, it really brings out the "Gaga" in everyone who wears them!

*If you're wondering about the military jacket -- you should be able to find them in places like Goodwill or thrift stores!*

Lastly, I'm prepping myself for an upcoming Cali trip in December! Stay tuned for new updates coming up in this month :) Happy November and pretty fall colors!



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