Born Again

11 August

Zara Nude Strapped Heels | Tobi Nude Clutch | Black Leather Leggings |
White Crop Top from NYC Soho

So sorry the terribly long break I took from shooting! Ever since I came back China, I have been extremely busy with starting up work and keeping up with my fashion life! So here we have something super simple yet elegant-- I went to New York City for a week to visit my family and I did a lot of exploring around Manhattan (esp in the Soho area). And I figured this is how I would put together an outfit for a Friday night after work in New York. 

*Note*: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Zara shoes. I would buy their entire shoe line if I could! This pair of nude strapped heels I actually picked up in Shanghai a month ago when I was in China. They match with everythingg and imo they are extremely gorgeous especially how they bring out your legs and make you feel super feminine :) 

I want to dedicate this post to all the young, beautiful, ambitious ladies in the world! ... to be continued.


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