Rent the Runway

November 15, 2016

Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA
The night began at Neuehouse, a neat little creative space located in Hollywood. I was excited when I received an invitation to attend Rent the Runway's west coast event. The bloggers got to preview exclusive designer pieces and celebrate its first store launch in California. I remember when I used to live in Virginia, I would hear all about Rent the Runway. It makes me happy that a few years later, I got to be a part of their expansion. Out of all the subscription companies and rental fashion brands, I really appreciate Rent the Runway's efforts in planning such a great event and building a blogger community out here.
Immediately as I arrived, I was greeted by men in tuxedos and sparkling champagne. Not to mention, Rent the Runway provided us rides to and from the event through Lyft. How amazing is that? To top it off, we were served delicious bites and desserts throughout the night. We snapped photos of the space and got ourselves a few minutes with the photobooth. I sincerely look forward to what Rent the Runway will bring next!

Lookbook shots by Michelle Lock
Detail shots by Cece Lam

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