Fall Camo

September 27, 2016

Welcoming the beginning of fall in my newest look featuring VICI, Birdwell Beach Britches and Richmond & Finch!

Feeling extra chic whenever I put on my chiffon tank with choker tie by VICI. Not only am I obsessed with its peachy color, I love the loose fit and scoop neck. The scarf addition is what really made the tank stand out to me. It is not attached to the top at all; it is a neck tie on its own. You can wear it with any jacket or bottom and it would elevate your outfit. Wearing a choker in general is a great touch in my opinion. Especially ones that are thicker in either chiffon or satin.

I thought I would never wear camouflage print but man, was I wrong! Birdwell Beach Britches is local brand based in Santa Ana that promotes the beach lifestyle and surf wear. What I love about Birdwell is that they have very fun and unique women's board shorts. The style I am wearing is designed in nylon fabric and features high-waist fit with leg vents. Its front lace-up closures are incredible cute and I don't even feel like I'm walking around in board shorts. Since I am not a beach girl (I know, sorry!), I incorporated this outfit to this casual chic style. Plus, camouflage bottoms are way too fun to not wear. You can make anything work as long as the fit is right.

Olive-green lace-up chunky heels by VICI. Word on the streets is that green is back on trend and you can find it everywhere this season. I'm looking at all kinds of olive green bomber jackets, tanks, leather skirts, etc. I mean, this color is just everywhere! Not to mention these chunky heels are beautiful, easy to wear and designed with ultra-comfortable cushioned insole. I want to have multiple pairs of them if I could!

Phone Case:
Richmond & Finch is a Swedish lifestyle brand that promotes premium mobile cases. All of their products are unique, durable and great quality. I decided to go with the red marble design because I haven't seen that anywhere! I'm not head-over-heels for marble but the red definitely caught my eyes. Given that it is a hard case, it has smooth edges for easy grip and gold accents for that Richmond & Finch touch. It is also glossy and photographs very well, as you can see here. This phone case is absolutely one of a kind. :-)

If you like what you see at Richmond & Finch, be sure to use my discount code 'cece.lam20' for 20% off your entire purchase! You will love your new phone case! :-)

Photos by Michelle Lock

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